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Experience to a large extent.

To help you achieve your goals, we don't just plan and design your event. We manage the entire customer journey, including pre- and post-event activities.

Worldwide brands we execute creative concepts for.

Information & transformation

  • Develop orchestrated communication across live marketing formats and topics.
  • More visitors for your event - thanks to target group-oriented awareness measures.
  • Turn your contacts into leads and customers through sustainable product experience, clear benefit and success-driven follow-up campaigns.


Visible marketing performance

Do you know the visitor behavior at your trade show booth? How many passersby were you able to attract spontaneously? What was the average stay, and was the highlight placement optimal? We can provide you with these answers and more: For effective presentation and increased success.


Meet the team

Santana Schütte

Concept Designer Hybrid Experience

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Mathias Wickboldt

Head of Business Development

"Together, we unleash the power that lies within your brand."

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Pim Jeurissen

Head of Design & Concept

"The team is forward thinking - both in terms of communication and media use, and from pre-event to post-event."

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