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ET Global for the industry sector

  • Making technology tangible and accessible to people, creating excitement for industry and innovation

  • Showing what networking and connectivity can do, and how industry moves them forward

  • Demonstrating industry achievement in transforming to more sustainability and climate-neutrality

Brands worldwide we work for

The future is made in industry.

We show what, and how, the industry sector achieves great things with compelling live events.


What live communication in the industry sector can achieve
52% of business leaders believe trade shows and events drive more ROI than any other marketing channel."
Harvard Business Review


Industry: in this field, we are challengers with the knowhow of experienced pros.

Lots of client brands, even more successfully finalized projects, international prizes – and numerous longtime client relationships.


Meet our industry specialists.

Mark Zacharowski

Key Account Manager

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Manfred Kamphus

Key Account Manager

"We design, plan and implement - their exhibition stands, showrooms & events - worldwide."

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Alexander Junge

Key Account Manager

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