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Audi at CES

Breakthrough Design


The Audi CES exhibit combined intricate reflective architecture with computer guided theatrical lighting and a giant conventional LED screen representing Audi intelligence and the Audi network. The exhibit received Second Prize in competition for the best exhibit at CES.

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ET GLOBAL was tasked with creating the ideal environment for celebrating the “Future of the Automobile” for Audi AG at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

GeekWire called it “the most exotic and elaborate booth at CES.” Exhibitor Magazine extolled the “dramatic color-shifting illumination bounced off the reflective aluminum beams.”

ET GLOBAL combined ultra-architectural lines and angles with crisp mirrored finishes, and the right touches of lighting and digital technology to create a space with a flair for the dramatic. From outside the exhibit, attendees were drawn to the excitement. Once inside the exhibit, they experienced profound clarity. It was a perfect metaphor for the vehicle itself.



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