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We are pioneers. Since 1968.

Founded as Expotechnik by designer Heinz H. Soschinski in Taunusstein, Germany. Today as ET GLOBAL a leading global premium service provider for live marketing solutions.

Our history

Pioneers since 1968

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1968 | The first idea

Heinz H. Soschinski from Taunusstein has an idea: renting out trade show booths. On 15.01.1968 he founds the company Expotechnik.

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1968 | The first invention

The modular, reusable trade show stand: the System 1000 inspires companies. It is produced in Taunusstein.


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1970 | Expotechnik inspires

The exceptionally bold and futuristic design for Diehl at CeBit impressed customers and industry experts alike.


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1978 | Expotechnik goes USA

with the first exhibition stand from its own production in Taunusstein in Atlanta for General Electric.

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1988 | Location in the USA

Expotechnik goes international: Expotechnik America Ltd. is founded in Atlanta, USA.

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1990 | System 7000

With the new system and the new 7m long lightweight girder, completely new concepts become feasible.


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1993 | The first iF Award

Expotechnik wins the prestigious Industrie Forum Design award for the new Concept 8.

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1994 | iF Product Design Award

Concept 80 creates uniform ceiling landscapes for inspiring lighting concepts.

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1995 | First appearance of the Concept 80 Twin

Another exhibition stand innovation, it celebrates its premiere for Engel Austria.

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1996 | Expansion to Asia

with the establishment of the new site in Singapore.

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1997 | Melbourne location

The group of companies now also has a location in Australia.

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1998 | Another iF Award

for a new development from Expotechnik: product islands.

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1999 | And again an iF Award

This time for the new Concept 6 exhibition system.

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2000 | Red Dot Design Award

For the innovative double storey system 80 Twin.

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2000 | Japan location

Expotechnik Japan Ltd. in Tokyo was founded.

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2001 | Second site in AustraliaStandort in Australien

In addition to Melbourne, there is now a further customer service location in Australia, Sydney.

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2003 | Second site in Asia

The business activities of customers in Asia are expanding. With a headquarters in Shanghai, we guarantee optimal project support on site.

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2008 | The first logistics center

goes to the start in Taunusstein/Orlen.

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2010 | Generation change Management

Heinz H. Soschinski hands over to the next generation.

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2017 | Expotechnik becomes ET GLOBAL

The group of companies has long since become a global player.

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2018 | Move to Frankfurt

Opening of the new headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

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2018 | Foundation E3 Capital

With the foundation of the holding company E3 Capital, a group of companies for international live marketing solutions develops.

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2020 | New logistics center

Opening in Langgöns with 20,000 m2 of space for storage, logistics and production. One of four warehouses in Germany for the E3 Group.

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2020 | Consolidation of the E3 Group

Capital increase with the new sole shareholder Pemberton Capital Advisors with the brand relaunch E3 WORLD. Location consolidation to USA, Europe, GCC and Asia.

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2023 | Efficiency - the key to success

Michael Wellbrock will be Managing Director Operations & Logistics.

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2023 | Connectivity - for even more success

Frank Marreau becomes Managing Director of ET Global - responsible for Client Service & Business Development.

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