The success of a communication measure is often impossible to calculate – this is not so with the effort that goes into it, though. The more ideal and organized the design of a measure is, the better one can concentrate on its goal and its success. At ET GLOBAL, we offer you all the services you require from a single source. Individual, international, interdisciplinary and innovative. Make use of our collective skill and experience – for you and your brand!


Inspiration at first sight: Whether a company building, lounge or foyer – a perfectly presented room really touches our sense of aesthetics. At the same time, it gives customers, visitors and employees a sense of focus and trust. We create optimum environments for brands so that they leave a lasting and positive impression in people’s minds. The beauty lives on in their thoughts.

3D Strategy

From conception through design to implementation: We create the perfect brand experience for you based entirely on your goals and objectives. Worldwide, hand in hand, cleverly thought-out and precisely timed.

3D Design

With our interdisciplinary design teams, we translate your central themes of communication into exciting worlds of experience. Appealing design is fundamental to conveying a brand message optimally. Encountering a brand presented in three dimensions allows you to understand it with all your senses.

3D Execution

If you plan well, you can do great things: We build exhibits by producing system and individual building blocks, and offering punctual assembly, perfectly timed logistics and guaranteed functionality. We also take care of disassembly and removal.

Stay Safe Solutions

Under StaySafe Solutions, we offer you concepts and measures that will enable you to stage personal and emotional encounters of people with your brand.

Feeling close and keeping distance are the two essential starting points which, in combination with hygiene concepts, guidance systems, process planning, architecture and design, guarantee the best possible safety – for you, your employees and visitors.

In combination with the Digital Solutions you can make it easier for yourself to accomplish your tasks or deepen the desired brand impression even further (Digital Brand World, Online Brand Event, Hybrid Brand Event).


Show Safe      Visit Safe     Work Safe




Live experiences, personal dialogue, exploring new things, broadening horizons, expanding networks and feeling close – there are many reasons why it is still essential for trade fairs and events to regain their important status in the marketing mix. Brand experiences can be conveyed to your desired target group in a particularly emotional and sustainable way.


Work Safe


New Work focuses on the potential development of the employees. This includes a successful symbiosis of living and working. This is increasingly demanded not only by the strongly courted young talents.

This development was even indirectly accelerated by the Corona Pandemic: With the necessary boom in digital communication and the widespread switch to home offices. The safety and distance rules that now apply will also increasingly change the design of office space.


Visit Safe


Whether you are responsible for a company, institute, clinic … you will surely have organised everything quickly so that employees and visitors can be received safely. Their number has probably remained within limits compared to earlier times. But now a phase is beginning in which we all have to learn to live with the new circumstances caused by the pandemic for quite some time. This long-term thinking often changes the temporary focus:

How important is your brand identity to you? Do you consider the reception, foyer, lounge and all communication areas to be the unmistakable face of your company? Then it is logical to implement the safety and hygiene requirements with high-quality installations that are in line with the brand.

Digital Solutions

ET GLOBAL creates brand spaces for the emotional encounter of people and brands worldwide, because brands know no boundaries. So it is only logical to plan and realize these encounters both physically and virtually.

With the Digital Service Apps, we offer your teams digital support in managing their event management tasks. Regardless of whether they take place online or live.

The boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, and real, digital and online strategies can be combined seamlessly – as in hybrid brand events. To achieve your strategic goals, we create an individual concept for you to combine the advantages of real and virtual encounters between people, product and brand. The aim is to create a lasting experience for your target group.

This almost limitless fusion is not always necessary. It is also possible to announce, extend or, if necessary, replace a real trade fair staging with a digital brand world in advance. In this case, media interactions offer the opportunity to deepen and inspire the virtual experience and thus lead to the desired results.

The interaction is the focus of online brand events .This makes them an efficient way for companies to competently convince both in the introduction of the latest innovation and in the intensive training of their products in the digital world.

DIGITAL SOLUTIONS offer you versatile opportunities to be close to your customers. With authentic communication, you can achieve them – and your goals.