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We show what makes you shine.

Smart way to succeed

Whether physical, digital, or hybrid: With tailormade exhibitions and trade shows, events, showrooms, experience spaces, and digital staging, we transform your brand into an experience.

Brands worldwide that trust us

Creating engaging experiences

We transform your brand, products, and ideas into experiences that create emotions, get into people’s minds, and stay there – as environmentally friendly as we can. Choose from our full-service offer, reach your objectives, and conserve your resources. That is sustainability too.



Full service - smart, efficient, target-driven

Every new day is the future. And every day, we shape the future with ideas and craftsmanship that create the emotions that make your brand, your product, and you reach your goals. What makes us special? We master the complexity of any live marketing project for you, the many requirements of all relevant conceptual deliverables right up to execution in consistent premium quality. We can deliver this promise thanks to our extensive experience and permanent improvement since 1968. Founded by designer Heinz H. Soschinski as Expotechnik in Taunusstein, Germany, today we create value as ET GLOBAL across boundaries, worldwide.


We are designers

of emotions. People do not always remember what they read, see, or hear, but they feel what they experience for themselves. And emotions are memorable. Which is why we make your brand, product, or ideas - and our collaboration - an experience.

Our projects

Meet the team

Frank Marreau

Management, Client Service & Business Development

"Connecting brands and people through live experiences - that's what drives us."

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Mathias Wickboldt

Head of Business Development

"Together, we unleash the power that lies within your brand."

Direct contact

Thomas Gegenfurtner

Head of Project Management

"If the result becomes an experience and can sustain enthusiasm, it creates loyal and enthusiastic customers."

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“Good live communication creates emotions for lasting experiences.”

Mathias Wickboldt

Head of Business Development