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Bitzer Showroom

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"As technology pioneers and efficiency leaders in our industry, we have found a partner in ET GLOBAL that lives by the same quality standards as we do."

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Bitzer-Showroom in Sindelfingen

A captivating brand world that presents the multiple stakeholders of the refrigeration and air conditioning innovator with its latest global developments and appeals to all their senses: this is the Bitzer company showroom in Sindelfingen. Located right next to the reception area of the company's new headquarters, which will be occupied in 2019, the spacious exhibition area is a testament to innovativeness and excellence.

Designed and installed by ET GLOBAL, the space blends seamlessly with the elegant architecture of the company headquarters. Here, visitors discover the history, present and future vision of the traditional company in a multimedia way and learn about the industry-leading Bitzer solutions and their application possibilities in a tangible form, as well as through digital formats.

The stylish and modern interior design effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. The expansive exhibition is strategically designed for an optimal visitor experience and guides stakeholders through the Bitzer world of values. The exhibits demonstrate Bitzer's commitment to energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

At the product level, the space is divided into different areas, each highlighting a specific application area of Bitzer's innovations. Subdued lighting, optimally placed signage, engaging multimedia formats and a tactile temperature design create an experience that helps visitors understand the features and benefits of all the products on display.

The content levels of product, information and experience are perfectly harmonized here. For example, an interactive climate configurator allows different settings according to different building types. An AR telescope gives guests deep insights into the integration of technologies in the various application sectors, including the example of a Bitzer project for Fraunhofer.

Building on our claim, our partner ET GLOBAL developed an experience concept for us and our stakeholders that makes our site the professional hub for sustainable innovation in our industry."




"Together, we unleash the power that lies within your brand."

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