Presenting an industry event and a trade fair exhibit for Deutsche Hospitality: an overall project from ET Global.

From a gallery of worldwide hospitality, a new generation with big names and a legendary industry party that properly celebrates a relaunch to how to conceptually link an exhibit and an event.

At the beginning of the year, the Frankfurt-based ET Global Group was taken in under the umbrella of the E3 brand.
This holding company represents unequivocal industry expertise in the fields of exhibitions, events and environments. With their client Deutsche Hospitality, the Frankfurt specialists are demonstrating their strategic orientation and competence in two areas during the ITB – with their overall design of the trade fair exhibit and staging of a legendary industry event.

Who is Deutsche Hospitality? Deutsche Hospitality is a worldwide hotel portfolio in a class of its own – it includes renowned establishments such as the Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts, strategic brands such as MAXX, the young Steigenberger hotel brand Jaz in the City, the well-known InterCity Hotels and the new Zleep Hotels. Together, these brands consist of 150 hotels representing the Group in 20 countries. This is the second year that ET Global has been tasked with designing the Group’s exhibit at ITB and at the same time staging a legendary kitchen party at the Steigenberger Hotel in Berlin: an industry get-together for 450 invited guests from all over the world. “The stage-like exhibit that we chose for presenting the individual brands of Deutsche Hospitality at the trade fair was also transferred as the guiding principle for the event. Because even if everyone calls it a ‘party’, it is of course also a strategically important brand event with its own communication goals,” says Senior Consultant Dierk Prüssing from ET Global.

With this in mind, the event also bears a name that describes the communication goal: “Steigenberger Evolution” – an expression that designates the growth and alignment of the brand family and forms the umbrella that shapes the contents for the physical exhibit. To this end, the Frankfurt designers chose the idea of a gallery that showcases the brands. This made for an eye-catching exhibit with emotive imagery and a clever tour of music and light that has visitors immersed in the feel of the different hotels. The special guest list is celebrated by individual professional photos in front of a brand wall. And of course, there is no lack of exquisite catering in the rooms of the Berlin Steigenberger Hotel.

The result is that a holistic picture is created for the trade fair exhibit and the event, which supports the strategic course of the hotel group with a high degree of conceptual density and boldly presents both the new corporate identity and the new interior design of the Steigenberger Group.