International trade fair design for Stiebel Eltron launched for the first time at ISH by ET GLOBAL

From the power of clear lines and the personality of the company’s DNA to 12,109 and 1,894 square feet and why an international trade fair design is more than a visitor gauntlet.

It’s one of the German brands that has proven that a straightforward corporate culture not only allows for change, it actually stimulates it. This has led Stiebel Eltron, a household technology specialist founded in 1925, to be the driving force behind no small number of technological changes. Not even the cultural and business disruptions brought about by digitization or new perceptions of energy use have prevented this international brand from seizing a leading position.
Such history, attitude and capacity for innovation must of course be reflected in exhibits at international trade fairs. This was the task that faced ET GLOBAL in Frankfurt, where they transferred a design by DART into an internationally viable and scalable implementation model. The Frankfurt specialists won this four- to six-year mandate following a lengthy selection process. Thilo Specht, Senior Executive Consultant at ET GLOBAL, set out the decisive factors as follows: “As a group with over 50 years’ experience in scaling jobs, we obviously know that a booth size of 12,109 square feet at ISH and reducing the same presentation to 1,894 square feet would require a special approach.
Where we made the difference was with a modular approach that always considers the conceptual and design DNA while remaining reproducible in any size. In addition, Stiebel Eltron is always focused on efficiency and sustainability. Our design therefore envisages the subsequent reuse of floor, wall and ceiling elements.”
“Clear lines. Driven by new thinking for over 90 years.” That is how the company describes itself, and that is exactly what the spatial experience and messaging achieves. Its visual elements do this with a design with multiple interpretations of the brand’s clear lines, including a programmable light animation on the ceiling of the full stand. At the same time, the content gives visitors a feel for current issues in a highly condensed multimedia format. Large LED media walls are used for this purpose, especially in the rear area. These media walls also ensure the durability of the overall concept throughout the full period. As ET Consultant Thilo Specht explains, “Exhibitions at international trade fairs are no longer a gauntlet for groups of visitors—you need to be able to flexibly and quickly adapt them to different seasonal, cultural and market conditions.”

These requirements will be met in the company’s exhibition at ISH on March 11 to 15. The leading global trade fair for technologies and solutions in the areas of water, heating and climate control most recently saw some 200,000 visitors and is becoming a leading exhibition for many areas, including for digitization issues. For Stiebel Eltron, a family company with over 3,700 employees worldwide, this trade fair is a vital communications channel and a showcase for its global presence.

Photography: philipkistner.com