Our success story began in 1968 with an absolute novelty: exhibition stands for rent. Founded by Heinz H. Soschinski, the company was soon able to inspire renowned companies with individual system solutions and started its own production in Taunusstein.

Through the first successful implementation of trade fair appearances in the USA, the international business of ET GLOBAL (formerly Expotechnik) began and led to a strong competence in the conception and implementation of large-scale projects worldwide.

Global expansion was not a long time in coming and so we opened locations in North and South America, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia over the last 30 years.

Today, we develop marketing concepts for companies from various industries to promote and market products and services at international trade fairs and events. With around 500 employees, we implement around 2000 projects per year worldwide, on areas of between 12 and 12,000 square meters.

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Company is founded

Expotechnik is founded by Heinz H. Soschinski. What is now used all over the world is something truly revolutionary in the late 1960s: Trade fair booths to rent. Heinz H. Soschinski develops the idea during his time in Stuttgart, when it occurs to the young designer while completing his studies.

Modular approach

Working from an idea to generate greater efficiency through systems, he develops the first solution very early on: the System 1000. Initially, Heinz H. Soschinski relies on wood and chrome-plated supports. The first customer to recognize and use the potential of the system solutions is Diehl. Various trade fair booths are designed and implemented over time.

CeBit fair

Diehl exhibits at CeBit in Hanover. The exceptionally brave and futuristic design impresses both customers and industry experts alike. Design magazines publish reports, Expotechnik becomes the topic of conversation. Later, the UFO lands in Taunusstein – and today welcomes visitors to the ET GLOBAL company headquarters.

RSNA fair

Expotechnik creates an exhibition stand in Wiesbaden for GE Medical from Atlanta. The fact that Heinz H. Soschinski remained within budget, which was unusual in America at that time, impresses the managers of GE. John La Rocco invites him to take over the conception and imple-mentation of a 2300 square feet exhibit in Atlanta.

For GE Medical, Expotechnik’s commitment is revolutionary – which is why the company assigns further global trade fair presentations to the team. This is followed by very close cooperation, first with GE Medical and later with the whole of GE.


GE Medical has a lot planned with Expotechnik but values proximity and short communication channels. Heinz H. Soschinski and Peter W. Soschinski spot the opportunities – and establish a branch in Atlanta. International projects are planned and implemented with GE from this location.


The focus is on showcasing the brand as an holistic experience. The new System 7000, which is first presented in 1990, comes at just the right time. Thanks to the new, 7m-long, lightweight load-bearing elements, completely new concepts can now be implemented. Integrated halogen spotlights illuminate exhibits and dialog areas with pinpoint accuracy. In 1991 Expotechnik appears at the Marketing-Services trade fair to great acclaim from customers and the specialist press.


In order to avoid long transport routes, a branch office is established in Singapore. This in turn means that many German customers benefit from this additional location – and also go on to develop their Asian trade fair business with Expotechnik in the future.


Expotechnik Japan Ltd. in Tokyo is founded.


Expotechnik has long been a global player. With offices in Tokyo, Shanghai and Sydney, the network is effectively expanded.

Logistics center HQ

The new logistics center in Orlen increases efficiency.
Expotechnik’s high standards are also evident here in the overall effect, the architecture and the design. It is awarded the “Johann Wilhelm Lehr Plakette 2008” by the Association of German Architects (Bund Deutscher Architekten – BDA) for the State of Hesse in recognition of this outstanding achievement.


On May 1, 2014, Expotechnik opens a further location in Germany. The team is focused on expanding the Expotechnik Group’s implementation capacities in the area of individual construction.

Brand relaunch

Relaunch Expotechnik to ET Global Exhibit Group

Move to Frankfurt a. M.

 01.07.2018 – HQ moved from Taunusstein Hahn to Frankfurt on the Main, St Martin Tower

Brand relaunch

Relaunch ET Global Exhibit Group to ET GLOBAL

Positioning and sharpening its profile as a global premium provider of live marketing solutions