A dual mission for Audi

Expotechnik implemented two trade fair concepts for the automotive manufacturer Audi at the beginning of the year: a brand exhibit with a unique aluminum and steel structure at CES Las Vegas as well as another impressive appearance at NAIAS Detroit.

Audi is known for its spectacular trade fair appearances and designs at CES. This year, Expotechnik, in cooperation with the agency Tisch13 and the architecture firm Bathke Geisel Architekten, designed a trade fair concept for the car manufacturer that encompassed 1,700 square feet and a unique aluminum and steel structure. This concept came with a particular challenge: Due to the limited time allowed for setting up at CES, the elaborate construction had to be cleverly pre-assembled. In addition, the numerous aluminum and steel struts and components had to be manufactured internationally at two different production locations and could only be connected for final assembly on site.

Audi’s brand presentation at NAIAS 2016 also boasted some impressive architecture. Our team commissioned oettle ferber associates to design a trade fair concept for the Ingolstadt-based company that encompassed 4,750 square feet and an additional upper floor. The space opened up through the entrance porch to an exhibition area where the exhibits were placed on turntables to put them center stage and provide 360-degree viewing. The brand messages were designed to be displayed on LED screens.

The Consumer Electronic Show 2016 (CES) took place from January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas. The CES is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for IT and consumer electronics and is considered a barometer of trends in new products and technology developments for the whole year. The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), also known as the Detroit Motor Show, is the largest automotive exhibition in the United States. Always scheduled for the beginning of the year, the international automotive industry showcases the latest innovations in technology, function and design at this event. NAIAS 2016 took place from January 11 to 24 in Detroit.